After having spent a lot of time hunting for a nice chassis for the computer I finally found the perfect one for me.

It is a Streacom FC5OD desktop model:

I really like the looks of it, and size wise it suits really well for hosting the powerpc + minimig + other stuff.

chassis chassis2


The chassis has arrived and it is a thing of beauty!

I have not yet started to put any hardware inside of it as it is much easier to have the boards loose on the work table for now. Test fittings show that it should work out really well once I’ve drilled out mounting holes for the mainboards etc.

Also waiting for a 44pin HDD cable from Amigakit so that I can relocate HDD. The mac motherboard is going to be mounted “bare” which means that the original mount for the HDD is not going to be available.

I took the opportunity to order a black background boing-ball case badge as well. I may or may not use it.