Output board is getting close to being finished. It will go in the single PCI slot of the computer chassis and provide audio+video output.

A bit simplified, it is based an a no-name KVM switch that has been butchered, modified and fixed to a PCI backplate.
It’s a good thing it goes inside of the case.. it won’t win any beauty contests that’s for sure!

output board

  • VGA
    - Switchable between PPC / 68K
    - Controlled by software, or using the hardware switch on back
  • Audio line out
    - Mixed audio from PPC + 68K
    - Enables internal speaker when no external plug is connected (small amp+speaker setup yet to be built)
  • 2x USB
    - Connected to PPC
  • Misc
    - 10 pins for connecting to interface board (4pins used)